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BREAKING: Main Engineer Behind RadioBiafra Arrested

radio biafra engineer arrested

The main engineer behind the rogue secessionist Radio Biafra station broadcasting in Nugeria’s South has reportedly been arrested.

According to NewsRescue security sources, he was arrested in Enugu.

Radio Biafra has been operated online for several years and lately began broadcasting inciting and insulting messages across Nigeria’s Southern airways.

A rebellious youth who has been described as a megalomaniac has been behind the station. Operaring from the United Kingdom and Spain, Nnamdi Kanu and his team have called for the murder of several Nigerian chiefs and political figures.

Known for calling Nigeria a zoo, Kanu and the radio have broadcast calling Nigeria’s president a terrorist and recently broadcast a manipulated audio in which a voice proclaimed to be the president made derogatory remarks about Igbos, a recording BBC and the president have denounced as fake.




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