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BREAKING NEWS: Anthony Joshua knocks out Klitschko in the eleventh round (SEE PHOTOS)


Rd 11 The place has gone mad.Klitschko is down twice after he was hurt by a left hook and a four punch combination.The brave old champion is up, and Joshua is on him again. Down goes Klitschko again as the spite is there in AJ from another murderous left hook. Up again is the Ukrainian.

But he looks gone. Joshua traps him in his own corner and unleashes hell, as he promised he would, and referee David Fields has seen enough as Klitschko’s head is battered across his shoulders, Great fight, by any standards. Joshua wins by TKO in the eleventh round.

Well, what can I say. First and foremost 19 and 0, three and a half years in the game. I’m not perfect but I’m trying. If you don’t take part you fail. I want to give a biog shout out to my trainer and GB boxing, to 90,000 people in the arena and lastly a massive shout-out for Wladimir Klitschko. I’m not going to say too much in case he wants to come back and fight me again but he is a role model in and out for the ring and I’ve got huge respect and love for Wladimir Klitschko … I am a little bit emotional because there are people who think I can’t do it. I dig deep and you never know the outcome.

Boxing’s about character and when you go to the trenches that when you find out where you are. There’s nowhere to hide in that little ring. I came out and won that’s how deep i had to dig. I fought my heart out.

And Tyson Fury baby, where are you man? I want to give 90,000 people another chance to watch a night like this.

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