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7 Common Modern Parenting Myths


Parenting has always been one of the most challenging processes in the world, because it requires efficiency, commitment, hard work and sacrifice. Nowadays a great number of pedagogical approaches to parenting are available to everyone, especially for those who want to create a wonderful family and bring up an all-rounded, ...

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Immorality In Movies And The Effects On Youth


As much as Nigerians love Nollywood and their movies, parents are becoming steadily wary of the prominence being given to immorality through X-rated films lately. In this report, RUTH CHOJI examines the place of regulating and censorship agencies in sanitising the industry. Having become the second largest film industry in ...

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5 Reasons to Stop Negativity and How to Do It


Just like positivity, negativity has a huge power. If you don’t stop it, it may ruin your health, relationship, career, and the entire life. You may not notice the consequences of negativity at first, but you will certainly feel them at some point of your life. I recently spoke to ...

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6 Types of Nutrients Your Body Needs


When reading any kind of food and diet posts, you may notice that the human body needs a variety of essential nutrients to function properly. Unless you are a dietitian, you probably don’t know what types of nutrients your body should get on a daily basis. Every food contains at ...

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This article was inspired by an email I recently received. The woman asked for advice on how to cope with the fear of the future. It seems to me that modern people are becoming the prisoners of their own minds. They spend so much time dwelling on the past and ...

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5 Women’s Habits That Rob Men of Manliness


Every lady has a dream to build a strong and healthy relationship with a handsome and manly guy. Many of them don’t realize that dating a self-sufficient and real man is not an easy thing, because it requires constant development, motion and mutual respect. Manliness is the key trait of ...

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12 Worst Flirting Mistakes Women Make


Flirting is an integral part of every young lady`s life. But if dealing with those who try to win your heart is easy, you may find it hard to win someone’s heart yourself. Girls are so shy and often become nervous when flirting with hot confident guys. You just look ...

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Family Issues: The Burden of Being the Oldest Child


Dealing with unreasonable siblings is one of the hardest things to do while living a family life, especially for the oldest child of the family. Having to take the pressure of keeping everything and everyone in order at home can be a tense and sometimes depressing experience. Here are a ...

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7 Traits Guys Consider Bad That Are Actually Great


We, women, can sometimes bring troubles into men`s life. Although they may become angry with our behavior, there are plenty of situations where we act rightly and they admit that soon. Guys often can`t deal with their problems or just don`t want to do anything at all. When a man ...

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8 Misconceptions That Prevent You from Being Happy


Being happy is surely the goal of everyone, despite the fact that happiness differs from person to person. “Rise up this morning, smile with the rising sun…” I’m absolutely agree with Bob Marley – this is what we all want, but often can`t do. Why? Well, there are a lot ...

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BEFORE MARRIAGE:8 Reality Things You Must Put To Check


The topic of happy marriage has always been relevant, because family is the top priority for many people. Unfortunately, there’s no single recipe for a successful marriage – everyone follows their own path. Some people tend to get married without premarital cohabitation; others prefer to live together at least one ...

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