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Eking out a living in garbage


Danger looms as scavengers swoop dumpsites in Onitsha, Lagos, others ALTHOUGH scavenging, an act of unauthorised persons going through recycling or refuse containers and dumpsites, is considered a crime in various cities in the world because of its health implications and loss of revenue, it is however, a booming trade ...

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Pastor W.F.Kumuyi Reveals How To Get God’s Blessings


The General Overseer, Deeper Life Bible Church, Pastor William Kumuyi, has revealed to Nigerians the right attitude towards life in order to get blessings from God. Kumuyi as reported said this in Aba on Saturday at the conclusion of his five day visit to the eight regions of the Church ...

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8 Things to Be Proud of Having in Your Life


Do you realize how lucky you are to have a lot of really great things in your life? Nowadays people mostly pay attention to the material wealth and often forget about something just priceless they also have in their lives. You can feel like a loser without a huge amount ...

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The 6 Promises That Makes A Marriage Thick


Whether you’re preparing for marriage or you’ve been married for decades, please take a minute to reflect on these words and what they mean in your own marriage. You don’t need an expensive vow renewal ceremony to refocus on these promises. These beautiful promises can and should be renewed each ...

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5 Reasons Your Child Should Drink Milk Each Day


Nowadays there are a lot of tips, hints and hacks that claim milk is not good for us. Yes, cow’s milk isn’t good for people who have lactose intolerance, but many parents make a huge mistake when they eliminate milk from their children’s eating plans. Yesterday my neighbor said, “I ...

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5 Must-Read Tips for Single Pregnant Women


Are you single and pregnant? Do you think you are the most miserable woman in the world? Stop thinking this way. Every year over a million women (both young and middle-aged) experience pregnancy alone. It’s not the end of the world and you should be thankful for being pregnant because ...

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7 Most Effective Ways to Let Go of the Past Today


It can be a big challenge to let go of the past, especially if you’re not aware of ways to let go of the negative memories and feelings. However, it’s important to let go of anything that can ruin your future. Letting go of yesterday’s troubles is a great step ...

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The Most Important Reasons to Stop Dwelling on the Past


The majority of people, myself included, understand dwelling on the past events, mistakes and failures is not unhealthy. The past can hold you back in life, hurt your present and ruin your future. We realize it but can’t stop worrying about it. Unless you are a very selfish person, it’s ...

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5 Tips on How to Push the Matter Through


In the pursuit of happiness modern people want to kill two birds with one stone. When you try desperately to find new income sources, you’re just clutching at straws. As a result, you cannot follow through and make your dreams come true. The habit of focusing on many projects at ...

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5 Benefits of Reading and Watching Mysteries


Who can resist a good mystery? It is one of the most popular genres and shows up not just in novels and short stories but also in movies, television, video games, board games, and live action “Mystery Weekends” at resorts and on cruise ships. While the element of mystery is ...

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5 Peaceful Ways to Stop Fighting with Your Mom


Life is a constant struggle, but when it comes to the relationships with your family members, you should quench your passions and forget about this rule, because your family is above all else. Why do younger and older generations cannot come to understanding? Psychologists state that the generation gap between ...

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10 Valuable Tips to Become More Assertive


One cannot be too nice in this world for obvious reasons. It is essential to be assertive to ensure you get what you deserve. Many of us believe that assertive people are mean and selfish and they don’t care what others say and think about them. In reality, it’s not ...

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8 Fabulous Benefits of Eating Papaya


With a rich history and numerous health benefits, papaya is one of the best fruits you should be eating more. Papaya is fortified with powerful antioxidants that help prevent a number of serious diseases. The fruit is also plentiful in essential nutrients your body needs each day. Papaya contains dietary ...

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8 Powerful Ways to Stop Wasting Your Life


When you feel like you are wasting your life, it’s a sure sign you should change your path. It’s easy to get stuck in a job you hate, because you need those money to pay off your debts or simply raise a family. You are tired of hanging out with ...

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8 Things You Should Never Feel Ashamed of


People may try to make you feel ashamed of the clothes you wear or the job you have but you should never take those remarks seriously. You can be nice and kind but there’s always someone who is ready to judge and criticize you all day long. Don’t let them ...

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