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Everybody Agrees On This When It Comes to Nutrition


If you’ve spent any amount of time on health websites on the internet you’ve probably noticed that it hardly seems like any two people can agree on the same nutrition advice. While it seems like everybody has a different opinion about how to eat right, there are a few basic ...

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How to Decrease Sibling Fighting and Increase Love


“Ahhhhhh!” Berkeley screamed as he chased his older brother, Culyar, around the house. My oldest son ran just a few steps ahead of his little brother with a half smerky grin and a half terrorized grimace on his face. It was obvious that Cuylar (9) carried a little pride that ...

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Girls, guys prefer virgins


Dear Temilolu, You may never know what blessings, what dignity and what power you are imparting even to generations unborn! Dr. Aiyeola Dear Aunty Temi, I enjoy this divine assignment called Girls Club which makes me buy Saturday Punch. If only the editor could give us a page or two, ...

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Why I’m Married to 57 Women


Chief Simon Odo alias Onuwa, a herbalist, is based in Aji village, Enugu-Ezike, Igboeze North Local Government Area, Enugu State. In this exclusive interview with Daily Trust on Sunday, Onuwa, who boasts of 150 grand children, says he will not count the number of his children until he stops procreating. ...

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10 Warning Signs You’re in a Toxic Friendship


If you start feeling that something`s wrong between you and your friend, it’s best to check out if you’re in a toxic friendship as soon as possible. Toxic friends negatively affect your health and success. Keeping a toxic friend in your life is a huge mistake, even if you know ...

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8 Instant Ways to Make a Positive Impression


There are many ways to make people like you without changing anything in your unique individuality. Learn these simple techniques and you`ll be able to make a positive impression without making any huge efforts and using complicated schemes. Even good people can make a bad first impression if they`re not ...

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Why Single Women Resist Pressure To Marry


The phenomenon of women marrying late in life is growing in the society and the status ‘matured single woman’ is becoming one that is proudly acceptable among Nigerian women. Should they cave in to family, cultural or religious pressure when it comes to marriage? Suzan Ironsi, Abuja, writes Marriage is ...

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Girl with hole-in-heart needs help


Couple seeks $10,000 for corrective surgery in India THE birth of Godstime Chioma Dim, a two-year-old girl with a hole in the heart to the family of Mr. and Mrs. Emmanuel Ifeanyi Dim on August 21, 2013 was celebrated with pomp and pageantry. For years, the couple, who already had ...

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Nollywood Actor Ozor Akubueze Is Dead


Famous Nigerian veteran actor Ozor Akubueze died on Friday, July 10, in Enugu state. The Nollywood celebrity passed away in his seventies following the long-time battle with pancreas disease, Nigeriafilms reports. An executive of the Actors Guild of Nigeria (AGN) confirmed the information yesterday. It has been learnt that Akubueze, ...

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SEE PHOTOS: Abnormalities In Nigeria

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Who shall deliver us from this type of life in Nigeria, we need to change for better Why in Nigeria? A lorry or trailer is meant for transporting of cargo goods and other items but in Nigeria you find people inside trailer. Train is meant for transportation of passenger and ...

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