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7 Office Body Language Rules to Follow


While most of us focus on the tasks we have to accomplish each day, we rarely pay attention to our office body language. No matter how well you do your job, your body language is the key to a more successful career. Just like speaking skills, body language helps you ...

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9 Depression Quotes to Describe Your Feelings


Be it seasonal, occasional or chronic, depression is like a plague that hits every one of us at some point in life. Everyone copes with it in their own way, but oftentimes it’s hard to understand what exactly you feel and why you feel like that. Feeling depressed for a ...

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Pastor preaches from inside Coffin in South Africa


A pastor in South Africa has abandoned the pulpit for a coffin, literally. According to church member and former drug dealer, 28 year old Aphiwe Nqevu ‘brought the coffin to illustrate to people who fail to embrace Jesus as the son of God that they will go to hell and ...

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Can We Call This A Life ?


68-year-old grandma ejected from church quarters, family house…lives in danfo with 6 kids Life, no doubt, is a coin with two sides. To some, it turns the good side full of fun, pleasure, plenty and splendor. To others, the opposite is their lot. The pathetic story of 68-year-old Mrs Kehinde ...

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Immorality In Movies And Effects On Youth


As much as Nigerians love Nollywood and their movies, parents are becoming steadily wary of the prominence being given to immorality through X-rated films lately. In this report, RUTH CHOJI examines the place of regulating and censorship agencies in sanitising the industry. Having become the second largest film industry in ...

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6 Powerful Reasons to Refuse to Give Up


When life pushes you over, it’s easy to give up and let the situation ruin your entire life. When you refuse to give up, though, you stay focused on your goals and are not afraid to tackle the hardest challenges. Strong willpower is a powerful tool that you need to ...

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Why You Shouldn’t Be Ashamed of Your Eating Habits


Having eating habits that no one supports is tricky. You always have to explain why you eat whole foods and avoid meat, for example. I’m often judged by other people who believe vegetarians are crazy and sick, but this never makes me feel ashamed of my meal patterns and eating ...

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7 Important Life Lessons Parents Should Learn from Their Kids


Do you agree that children are good teachers? I do agree, because they take a significant part in their parents’ developmental process. Unfortunately, many adults don’t accept this little truth. They’re always looking for a reliable and infinite source of wisdom and knowledge in the world. They tend to read ...

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Beware of Celebrity Pastors and Mega-Churches


According to Jesus, many of the so-called churches today that are large and famous are actually spiritually dead.In many churches today, pastors are preoccupied with the size of their congregation. Some take a census every church-service. Others keep statistics of the number of people who answer their altar-calls. When pastors ...

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