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Balogun Ogedengbe Agbogun gboro of Ijesaland was Born as Orisarayibi Ogundamola, (His passion for leadership earned him the appellation Ogedengbe). He was born in 1822 to Apasan Borijiwa and Juola Orisatomi, and his birth according to Yoruba history coincided with the annual Ogun festival. Aponlese 1, was the Owa of ...

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Pastor W.F.Kumuyi charges Nigerians to shun night clubs, cultism


The General Superintendent, Deeper Christian Life Ministry, Pastor William Kumuyi, has charged Nigerians to shun night clubs, cultism and other social vices as these are destructive to their lives. Kumuyi spoke at the ongoing Lagos City-wide Crusade in Agege, Lagos, southwest Nigeria, which thousands of Lagosians attended. Speaking on the ...

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Prince Emiko is new Olu of Warri


Speculations about the health status of the traditional ruler of Warri Kingdom were on Saturday laid to rest as the Itsekiri nation announced the death of Ogiame Atuwatse II, the Olu of Warri, and announced Prince Godfrey Ikenwoli Emiko as the successor to the throne. The Olu designate was also ...

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PHOTOS: How Mad Woman Delivered In Lagos


September 16th, people heard the agonizing cries of a mentally challenged woman, begging people not to let her die. She was on the streets and in labour. Good spirited Nigerians heard her cries and helped her deliver her baby on Ayodele street in Ebute Metta around 4 am before calling ...

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How Important Virginity Is To A Happy Marriage


Growing up, a woman’s virginity was such a big issue and a high value was placed on it. From time immemorial, a woman’s virginity has been seen as one of her most prized possessions and a certain respect was accorded to any woman who remained a virgin till marriage. But ...

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Photo: Meet This 64-Yr-Old Virgin


64-year-old Ngipheni Ngcobo has never had any sexual experience. The unusual virgin always takes part in the annual Zulu reed dance for virgins at the Nyokeni palace in South Africa. The South African woman recently participated in the recent Swazi dance for virgins with other young girls. From the sight, ...

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In the 3rd revelation that the Lord gave to Angelica Zambrano she was shown many people and servants of God who ended their lives in the everlasting torments of Hell because of various sins. She was given important warnings to the church about ensnaring sins & worldly music, and saw ...

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4 Lies That Ruin Most Marriages, Especially Number 4!


Why are failure, disappointment, betrayal, frustration and on-going conflict too often “par for the course” for marriage? I’ve found that there are delusional, faulty beliefs, and Love Lies, that we can inherit that can lead to marriage ruin. There are four (4) particular Love Lies that are often the main ...

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54 Inexpensive Date Ideas For Married Couples


Dating, as much as you can, is important for a relationship. It is quality time with that person doing something fun or enjoyable together. My parents went on dates a lot when I was growing up and I think it’s one of the reasons they are still married more than ...

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Queen Elizabeth II Becomes Longest-reigning UK Monarch


Cheering crowds have greeted the Queen in Edinburgh on the day she becomes Britain’s longest reigning monarch. Bad weather delayed her arrival at Waverley Station, but the 89-year-old monarch and the Duke of Edinburgh later set off on the new Borders Railway. The Queen will have reigned for 63 years ...

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