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France’s Emmanuel Macron Has Spent $30,000 on Makeup in 100 Days

French President Emmanuel Macron
Clothes don’t make the man, but makeup might just make the French politician following reports that he has been expending a lump-sum of the sweat of the masses on his face.

Le Point, a French news magazine, revealed Thursday that French President Emmanuel Macron has spent 26,000 euros on makeup services since taking office in May.

That’s more than $30,000 on cosmetics during his first three months as president, or about $330 spent on makeup each day.

And taxpayers are fronting the cost. The Élysée Palace, the official residence of the French president, paid a freelance makeup artist the money in two installments – 10,000 euros in one and the remaining 16,000 in another, according to Le Point. Macron’s office confirmed the report, and said it’s looking for a cheaper alternative.

Macron’s makeup was reportedly done ahead of news conferences, public appearances and various travels.

News of Macron’s cosmetics budget drew steep criticism from French social media users at a time when the president’s image is already struggling. His popularity has taken a turn in recent weeks amid a dense domestic agenda and recently criticized cuts to France’s military budget. His approval rating sits at just a 36 percent.

Critics argue Macron’s scrappy candidacy has actually resulted in a president with a rigid and uncompromising governance style. Skeptics say Macron is intolerant of criticism and question his tight grip on communications from the Elysee Palace.

But Le Point reports that Macron’s makeup expenditures are less than those of his predecessor. Former French President Francois Hollande reportedly spent some 10,000 euros monthly to bankroll a full-time employee.





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