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Meet the Abuja Big Girl Raking ‘Dollars’ from Simply Flaunting Her Fresh Boobs (Photos)


Since the inception of Instagram as a picture and mini video platform, majority of the hot Nigerian ladies have migrated there in droves to build an alluring empire for themselves to connect with the world.

She is simply identified as Angel Young on Instagram with sketchy details about her identity. She has garnered about 10,000 followers shortly on the social network by simply flaunting her massive and luscious boobs that are coveted by men of timber and callibre from the six geopolitical zones of Nigeria.

Her handle speaks volume of what men think of her at the sight of her seductive social media page. Its simply ‘Hotbeybey’ implying she is not the type you handle with kid gloves as your hands could suffer burns. The lady who is brief in height and schooling in the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja has identified her selling point to be her breasts and she stops at nothing in showcasing it to the world regardless of ill comments.

She boasts of Chinese looks, glowing and spotless light skin that could deputize for ‘NEPA’ if need be. The mind-boggling part of Hotbeybey’s life is that she claims to be a lover of God. She attends the popular Salvation Ministry in Abuja according to reports and she appears to be a worker.

In fact, a welcome message on her Instagram bio reads “#Take all the glory Abbah Father”. A further study on her reveals she recently bagged the award of the female student with the most expensive wardrobe in her unnamed higher institution.

She is also a budding socialite with a s*xy class of friends of her type who love to expose their bosoms to taunt men. She loves the nightclubs and she is a very crazy dancer.

Rumours have it that her boobs are spelled and the exposure of it before interested men jinxes them into emptying their pockets just to be with her. Hotbeybey seems too rich for her student status thereby confirming the popular talk that her mammary glands could be the mainstay of her ‘local economy’ from where she generates the dollars.

See more photos of Angel Young below:

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