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Meet the Young Lady Who ‘Died and Returned Back from the Dead’


A young lady who was cut off from this world for a long period, has ‘returned from the dead’ a rejuvenated person.

Passing out in her car and falling into a coma for as many as three months in mid-2014 has changed a young woman’s outlook on life forever.

According to The Star Online, the young woman identified as Ummu Diyana Ibrahim, 24, sees herself as having ‘returned from the dead’ to continue her studies at Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM), Sintok.

The student said the unfortunate incident had truly tested her mental and physical strength, and she would make the best use of her second chance.

Narrating the incident, Ummu Diyana said it happened when she was returning to her village here from Behrang, Perak.

“I felt like I was about to vomit, I did not feel good at all. So I decided to stop and rest awhile at the Bukit Gantang Rest and Service Area.

“The last thing I remember, I kept the engine and air-conditioning on as I wanted to close my eyes for a bit,” she said.

The former Behrang Polytechnic student could not have expected that she would only wake up three months later.

She was first sent to Taiping Hospital, where her struggle to gain consciousness started, before being transferred to Sultanah Bahiyah Hospital, Alor Setar, when it was confirmed that she was suffering from carbon monoxide poisoning.

“All along when I was in a coma, I could hear and see whatever transpired. But I could not give any response. My whole body was locked,” said the youngest of six siblings.

She said although she was not responding, her parents did not give up and kept talking to her, , asking her to blink, cry or grip their hands if she came to.

“I don’t know how, but I fought the lock shackling me and eventually regained consciousness,” she said.

She said doctors were shocked, as during the period she was in a coma, medical specialists did not expect her to live long, especially after seeing the results of a scan.

“What’s more, when I was found unconscious, the oxygen level in my body was only 20%. Doctors said my case was a miracle because I have no permanent brain damage except for some slightly affected nerves, especially in the leg. I also lost my voice for awhile,” she said.

She said to date, doctors still could not identify what had happened to the nerves on her leg.

Having to use a walking stick and suffering the occasional pain has not prevented Ummi Diyana from leading a normal life as a first-year student in entrepreneurship at UUM with 515 other students, from Feb 6.

In fact, she said she has no qualms about going back behind the wheel and had already done so without problems after being confirmed healthy.

“The experience of coming back from the dead has clearly changed my perspective on life.

“So I will use this opportunity to do my best. I want to succeed in studies and change my life,” she added.





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