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Nigerian Man Named His Son After President Donald Trump

Nigerian Man Named His Son After President Donald Trump

While the rest of the world bash President Donald Trump for recent comments about African countries, a Nigerian man named Santos Emmanuel who is a huge fan and supporter of the US commander-in-chief has named his first child after his hero.

Declaring his love for Trump, he revealed that his admiration for the business tycoon came about from the moment he won the republican ticket to contest for president. The 38-year-old married man whose unwavering loyalty lies with the American president made a vow to name his son after him and has fulfilled his promise.

Sharing the good news, he revealed that himself and his wife welcomed their bundle of joy on January 11, and he knew right away the perfect name for his newborn. Wasting no time, he gave him the name Trump Unimashi and mentioned it would have been Ivanka Trump, had it been a girl.

In the post which he shared with, he said: “Before the election,I told that if anytime God blesses us with a son I am going to name him Trump and if its happens to be a girl child, I will name her Ivanka. To the glory of God on the throne,my wife put to birth on the 11th of Jan.2018. His naming ceremony was performed today by Rev.Father Joseph. His name is Trump Unimashi. Praise.I love President with all my heart.I loss so many friends because of my love and support for him.let Hillary Clinton and other Democrat and the fake news media around the world that spread hate about president Trump that they are so many of us out here that can sacrifice our life for him.”







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