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Outrage as Oba of Lagos snubs Ooni of Ife


The Oba of Lagos, Oba Rilwan Aremu Akiolu, recently, humiliated the Ooni of Ife, Oba Adeyeye Enitan Ogunwusi at a public function.

In the 25 seconds video which has gone viral, the Ooni of Ife is seen arriving the venue of the event which had the Oba of Lagos, Oba Rilwan Akiolu II, sitting beside an unidentified oba.

The Ooni walked over to greet the obas, but as soon as he offered the Oba of Lagos his hands, Oba Akiolu looked away and dismissed him with a wave of the hand.

The embarrassed monarch quietly returned to his seat.

The incident, however, sparked outrage on the social media as many commentators condemned Oba Akiolu, describing his action as unbecoming of a Yoruba monarch.

A Facebook user, Kenny Statesman said, ” No No No!!! This is not worthy of Oba of Lagos, seriously I’m extremely disappointed.”

In another post, Deji Afolayan wrote, “… I see no reason why Oba Akiolu should act like that, I really like the Oba of Lagos but his action here is uncalled for.”

One Kayode Henry wrote, ” This attitude is unbecoming of a king in Yoruba land. The Ooni of Ife no matter his age is a superior Oba to all other obas…”

” If it were to be in the days where culture and tradition still takes its rightful place, all the obas no matter your age should be on their feet whenever the Obaluaye of Ife ( Ooni) comes in . But the respectful king did not even think about that but came to embrace the Oba of Lagos on his seat, but all he could do is this show of shame.”

Abiodun Olojede said, ” What an act of arrogance. It is very unfortunate that the Oba of Lagos disgraced himself, not the highly respected Ooni of Ife…”

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  1. Jealousy, shameless Oba Akinolu. No matter what you do, Ooni is still superior to you

  2. what did you expect from a dismissed police inspector ?

    Akiolu is a sad man and will stop at nothing in blaming everyone over his dismissal from the police force as an inspector over egunje he collected while mounting an illegal road block.

    yeye oba

    Obasanjo, Atiku and now, Ooni of Ife !

  3. that oba of Lagos himself should be addressed as a senseless and useless oba, because he disgraces us in general. Ooni of Ife is well recognized and respected around the world that is why the arrogant Oba disgraced himself.

  4. The oba of Lagos acted childishly and really unbecoming of his status, no matter his grievance or difference with the Oni of Ife, he shouldn’t have displayed it in public, that could have been resolved amicably during their one on one chat… I respect the Oni calm gesture and quiet response…He is indeed an epitome of unity. Long will you live Sir!!!

  5. I never knew Akiolu could be this senseless and arrogantly hateful. He hates the Ooni guy with a passion. Even before Ooni got to him, one could see the stupid Akiolu’s disdainful face, filled with bile. If Akiolu cannot respect the Ooni’s age, he can strain to respect his title. Who is Oba of Lagos in the league of Yoruba obas? Enitan has got this one, and if Akiolu likes, he can as well jump into his lagoon. God so good, he is not far from it. Stupid and inane AGBERO BEAST!!!

  6. I am not versed in the beautiful culture of the Yorubas so I have only one simple question for you. If Oba Akiolu does not know how to shelve his personal disdain in public and greet a fellow king (irrespective of rank), what qualifies him as an Oba in Yoruba land?

    • I got your point and it is well made. Shame you know little about Yoruba culture. It is not allowed for an elder to show his displeasure in public, and to someone of Ooni status? The Arole Oduduwa! Before the advent of the colonialist rapers, Akiolu crown will be removed on the spot and deposed.

    • If this should happen during the Time of Abiodun Alaafin of Oyo i am sure Akiolu’s head will be on the tree at the market square by now … But civilization changed so many things

  7. You seem to have information as it concerns the other side of the coin in this very shameful public display, you can as well save us all the pain of searching and spill the beans. I can’t remember being up to 15years old when a younger sibling did to his friend, exactly what this oba did to the Ooni. I have always been told that these people epitomize respect…so unfortunate.

  8. Regardless of what happened, Akiolu’s conduct is insane. He could raise his concerns in private with the Ooni, not be behaving like an uncultured goat.

    In Heirarchy the Ooni far supercedes the Oba of Lagos. The Oba of Lagos was a vassal of Oba of Bini and Oba of Bini knows that the seat of Ooni is Oduduwa’s seat and therefore is higher than his own. So if it is an ant that seats on that seat, Oba of Bini has to respect the ant on that seat not to mention a vassal of the Oba of Bini. The Oba of Lagos is a sub-oba. Na because oyibo use Lagos as colony/capital give am mouth. The Oba of Lagos is noore than a baale. plain and simple.

  9. Ooni used to have a lot of business dealings in Lagos prior to becoming Ooni of Ife and I think that might be the genesis of their issues (if at all there is any). However, the expectation is that Oba Akiolu should be matured enough to act appropriately in public no matter what the riff between the two of them. Because an act, as such allegedly, does not only disrespect Ooni’s crown but as well splattered mud on all the Ka aro oo jire Obas’ crowns including the crown of Oba of Lagos. I guess right now, no one should react to the reported event, we might all be misinterpreting what transpired between them.

  10. I support the Oba on this one; first of all, the Ooni bought his title with money, so no respect for him. The yahoo yahoo boy Ooni is not qualified to be crowned while his father is still alive.

    This has not happened anywhere else in the world that I know of. How can you make someone king when his father is still alive; does his father has to bow to him? This is strange considering the fact that yorobas always point to their culture and tradition as their superiority factor.

    Yorobas always call Igbos money mongers, but this one is a clear case of selling the highest traditional title of an entire ethnic group to the highest bidder… a highest bidder with some questionable past. Let us not forget that he has cases of land fraud in Lagos, running into billions of Naira.

    Another strange thing is his wife, a woman that has been to more hotel rooms all over Africa and middle east with different men than most people can count.

    The love of money has destroyed the yoroba race, that’s why all the most mindless and heartless fraudster pastors come from yorobaland and you can see them all lined up along Lagos to Ibadan highway, scamming the sick, the barren and unemployed Nigerians in the name of miracle. These evil crooked pastors are led by 419 Pastor Adeboye of RCCG. What a shame.

  11. It is inferiority complex and hang over from police days that is worrying Mr. Akiolu (aka Lagoon). He does not yet understand that royalty is not about age but the seat itself. So disgraceful.

  12. Thank you jare…you can see maturity of Ooni. Yoruba says agba ko kan ogbon that is to say age doesn’t simplify or indicate common sense (maturity). Akiolu is very rude, thuggery and arrogance still run in his veins. Ooni has been to many occasions even invited by Her Royal Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, while Akiolu was videoed with Agege bread walking on London streets. Why do you think he will not be arrogant or jealous against Ooni of Ife. Otiseese!!!

  13. I just watched the clip and I am not even concerned about the act of Oba Akinolu but I am perplexed by the humbleness of Ooni. If everyone watched the clip carefully, he could have just walked straight to his sit and sat down but went out of his way to meet with the two Obas. But what I love most of the clip, is the way Ooni was surrounded by the white agbada folks (I guess his emesan) making sure no one actually saw him sitting on the sit; that is culture, that is fantastic and that is what made us unique. Kaa bi ye si!!!

  14. But why is Oba Akiolu angry? He doesn’t look happy at all seeing the Ooni of Ife or he doesn’t want him to say Oba nki o to him? Someone should please help me here cos am confused. I love this Ooni of Ife for life, he’s so humble and he simply pretended as nothing happened and moved on with the event of the day. Shame on Oba Akiolu. What lesson is he teaching the young ones coming behind him? What a shame! God bless our one and only Oba Adeyeye Enitan Ogunwusi Ojaja II, Oba toungba idobale gbogbo awon to ku. Don’t mind them jare na jealousy go kill them all that refuses to give you the respect you deserve on that throne.

  15. Oba of Lagos is a disgrace to all true Lagosians. But should we actually expect more from a retired policeman and a confirmed thug? Nah. A leopard can never change its spots. Mscheww. Respect to Oonirisa for his class and carriage.

  16. I cannot believe it………I am dumbfounded. Even if it was an ‘ordinary’ citizen that approached the Oba of Lagos he should not behave to him/her like that. Talk less of the Ooni. What is his gripe? Is it jealousy, arrogance……? Nothing positive. Unbelievable. Oba Akiolu has to come up with serious explanations for his behaviour.

  17. The traditional stool of Obaluaye the Ooni of Ife is no respecter of age but divinely chosen. However the Ooni in his attempt to be inclusive and humble should respect the dignity and deity of the sacred stool and stop denigrating the sacredness of the Ooni title. He must from now sit in his royal position. Otherwise he will continue to bring ridicule to the stool as shown by a lesser title as the Oba of Lagos Akiolu. Am sure the good people of Lagos should roundly condemn the arrogance shown by Akiolu.

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