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See Woman Caught While Trying To Smuggle Cocaine Strapped To Buttocks

A woman has been caught by US border security officers after she strapped cocaine to her buttocks while trying to cross the border.


Customs and Border Protection says a woman was carrying three pounds of heroin strapped to her buttocks. Image via CBP

A 47-year-old Arizona woman was arrested by U.S. Customs and Border Protection after she tried to walk across the U.S.- Mexico border in Nogales, Arizona, while carrying three pounds of heroin strapped to her buttocks, Fox News 2 reports.

A statement released on the CBP website revealed that the woman was arrested on Tuesday while trying to cross into the United States via the pedestrian lanes. During her attempt to enter the U.S., she was referred for further inspection where she was found to be carrying three pounds of heroin, all strapped to her behind.

The three pounds of heroin were hidden in the backside of her pants. CBP estimates the drugs to be worth $45,000

The photo was shared on social media by CBP.

This is the latest story regarding a drug carrier being arrested by customs in recent weeks. In March, two travelers were caught with cocaine taped to their legs at JFK in New York. In April, at the same airport, two drug carriers on the same flight were charged with 11 pounds of cocaine taped to their legs.

The 47-year-old was one of several arrests on Tuesday at the Nogales border crossing, according to Customs and Border Protection:

*22 pounds of meth were found hidden in the rear quarter panels of an Arizona woman’s SUV.

*A Mexican man was carrying 31 pounds of meth and 2.5 pounds of cocaine in the floor area of his car.

*A 26-year-old from Arizona was referred for inspection and a canine discovered 10 pounds of heroin.

*All four were arrested and turned over to Immigration and Customs Enforcement.





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