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Stephanie Otobo’s Apology To Apostle Suleman By Deji Yesufu


A Nigerian has expressed his opinion following the bombshell confession of Stephanie Otobo who had in a video revealed that she lied against Apostle Johnson Suleman.

I have been receiving messages on social media informing me that Ms. Stephanie Otobo has confessed to being sponsored by politicians to tarnish the image of “Apostle” Suleiman, and in the process she has apologized to him and sort his forgiveness.

Many reactions have followed this confession. I am just reading Daddy Freeze’s response to it, where he stated that Otobo would need to go further to mention the names of the politicians and pastors that sent her on this mission. He also suggested that the account number and various bank transactions that followed should be published. These were my thoughts initially too but I have since decided to look at the matter from another perspective.

In Ibadan, I am a leading Suleiman antagonist. When the “apostle” came to University of Ibadan last year April, I led a one man protest against him; for which I was arrested and later released. I have since documented my position against the so called apostle of Christ and I shall not be rehearsing those here.

Suffice to say, however, that observers of the religious scene in Nigeria have noticed a sudden wave of confessions and apologies and forgiveness that seem to be following the numerous cases of Pastors’ philandering. Just last week, Kemi Olunloyo was also videoed pleading for David Ibiyeomi to forgive her. I am convinced the whole thing is scripted.

But let me make my point clear on it still…

The issues that I have with Nigerian Pentecostal Pastors is not primarily in regards to what they do but rather what they preach. Their actions are simply products of the false gospel they propagate. So whether or not they are caught in scandals, they are not absolved from the sure damnation that shall come upon them and those who listen to them.

While the gospel of prosperity is damnable heresy, Nigerian Pentecostal preachers have taken the teaching to an extent that will make its American inventors cringe in shame. The worst part of this all is that they are exporting this so called gospel en-masse to foreign countries; and the worst kind of churches you want to attend abroad are “Nigerian Churches”.

Regardless of whether these Pastors are caught in scandals or not, what they preach is already a scandalous gospel and it is doing their listeners and this nation no good. These preachers must be called what they are: false prophets.

By the way, there is massive billboard of David Ibiyeomi just erected close to Awolowo Junction, at the heart of Ibadan. It informs Ibadan resident that “Salvation Ministries” has come to the city; so go to that church to your own souls’ peril.

Do I regret protesting Suleiman?

I do not. I would likely not carry out a protest in such a fashion again but I am thankful that I did what my heart instructed me to do that day and I am grateful to God for keeping me through the process of making that statement.

The fact remains that in April 2017, some weighty allegations were being bandied against a man. My protest bordered essentially against those who permitted him to come to minister to young minds. What if he was guilty as alleged? Then he would have polluted the spirit of those young people with his perverse spirit. It is bad enough that he preaches a false gospel; should he also combine it all with a perverse spirit?

I am convinced that in the days to come, the real drama behind all these so called confessions shall be unveiled. But regardless of what is unveiled: there are pastors in this Pentecostal churches who will do two things, some of them will never be caught in a scandal; others will be involved in scandals but will cover it all up. But none of them will escape the judgement of the Most High God.

-By Deji Yesufu




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