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Yorubas cook jollof rice better than Igbos – Man brags


A man has taken to social media to brag that the Yoruba people cook jollof rice better than the Igbos. Seems the online joolof rice war is getting hotter.

Social media strategist, identified as Olumide Glowville who went viral after he publicly proposed to his girlfriend on the street they met five years ago, is making waves of Facebook due to a post he shared.

According to Olumide Glowville, the Yoruba tribe cooks even more better jollof rice than the Igbos. See what he wrote below;

“Please tell my igbo friends that when it comes to jollof, it’s better left to Yorubas. This tomato rice they cook is not jollof rice! 😶”

Ex-beauty queen, Ronke Tiamiyu also recently took to social media to narrate her experience after dating a Yoruba guy and an Igbo guy, saying that Igbo boys are coded and cool to date.

The former Miss Charismatic pointed out that most Yoruba guys are very noisy and that they talk more than some women and after dating a Yoruba guy for just just 2 months, the relationship came to shambles because of his lousy and talkative nature.

In her words ;

Seriously i think yoruba boys talk too much, no offense. I dated an Igbo boy in that same Lagos for 2 years plus and nobody hear am, just few of his close friends, the yoruba boy i dated after him under a week, the relationship was the talk of the town.

I was shook cos me i was still forming coded, as we both agreed to keep it on d low, he told everyone that cared to know and the relationship did not even last for 2 months, not being tribalistic but damn, some Yoruba boys talk way more than women.




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