Alcaraz defeats Frances Tiafoe in the Amazing fight at US Open semi-finals – as it occurred at OKBet Tennis 2022

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Alcaraz made one last run in the women’s singles tournament, there was talk of a “changing of the guard.” But the women’s tennis guard isn’t shifting much. In Serena’s absence, a dozen women have emerged who are all capable of winning majors. They are still present at OKBet Tennis 2022.


The tide is turning in favor of males. The era of the Big Three (and sometimes the Big Four) is coming to an end. The world’s top rank will be determined on Sunday by two men who will be around for a long time. And Carlos Alcaraz has a ceiling that is someone in areas of the atmosphere that only millionaires’ rockets can reach at OKBet Tennis 2022.

Some athletes have become must-see television. Who wouldn’t want to see Frances Tiafoe, who didn’t have his serve in top gear and had a 45-minute gap but still forced the excellent he into a fifth set and a fifth hour? And, like McEnroe, Nick Kyrgios has the McEnroe “it” quality of being temperamental yet captivating.


Carlos Alcaraz has advanced to the US Open final.

How can you defeat this man? Tiafoe’s best shots are taken, and Tiafoe eventually misses wide. 0-15. Tiafoe becomes impatient and hits too far. 0-30. Then it’s back to that lob. Tiafoe sprints Alcaraz from one end of the court to the other, approaches the net and volleys, and scrambles and ends up hitting a lob just inside the baseline. Three match points

Double match point with an ace

Fault. Alcaraz arrives late, by a sliver of green. It’s still a contest. The ball eventually lands at Tiafoe’s feet, and he knocks it into the goal. That’s all. There is a sense of relief rather than exhilaration. Tiafoe makes a wonderful pass around the net to Alcaraz.

Alcaraz 5-3 Tiafoe in the fifth set

Ace. Tiafoe blunder. Serve is non-returnable. A scramble to rescue a Tiafoe victory is followed by a Tiafoe mistake.

Tiafoe is fighting to remain alive.


Alcaraz 4-3 Tiafoe in the fifth set

He takes a 15-0 lead, and it seems like the wheels are coming off the Tiafoe wagon. (Actually, I’d call it a Tiafoe sports vehicle.) Tiafoe, on the other hand, captures the following point and burys next return with a forehand winner. Then he gets his 14th ace. Tiafoe has a long ball. 40-30. The crowd roar gradually builds up.

It’s a double blunder. Deuce.

Tiafoe has only connected on 46% of his first serves and then he misses the next one. He comes close to a double-double, but lands just inside the line and keeps his cool to earn the point. However, He ability to extend points is plain unfair. Tiafoe makes at least two shots that would be game-winning against lesser mortals. He gives them back at OKBet Tennis 2022.

The return goes lengthy. Game.

Alcaraz 1-0 Tiafoe in the fifth set

Millimeters. Tiafoe might have led 40-15, but it’s now 30-30. Then 30-40 after a shot into the net. Tiafoe hits the net chord at break point, and the ball returns to his own side at OKBet Tennis 2022.

After his great battles throughout the week, conventional thinking would suggest he would fade here. But how much adrenaline and emotional energy has Tiafoe expended to get to this point?

My body is screaming at me to sleep. This has been a long week.

But this is the most spectacular competition you’ll ever watch. So what if we have to drive for another five hours?

6-7 Alcaraz 6-3 6-1 6-6 Tiafoe (going to tiebreaker)

On the first point, Alcaraz hits a long shot. On the second, Tiafoe hits an ace.

Then Alcaraz reacts with another out-of-this-world return, this time pushed far to his right and still ripping a forehand back into play to the corner.


Tiafoe, on the other hand, blasts his way through the following two points at OKBet Tennis 2022. Tiafoe has forced a tiebreaker after being all but eliminated in both the score and the body language. In this Open, he has won all seven of his tiebreakers. Will this be the fortunate number eight?

Highlights from the US Open 2022 Semi-Finals: Alcaraz defeats Tiafoe 6-7, 6-4 (6) 6-3 6-1 6-7(5) 6-3 to advance to the final


Carlos Alcaraz advances to his first Grand Slam final after defeating Frances Tiafoe 6-7(6) 6-3 6-1 6-7(5) 6-3. The 19-year-old Spaniard will attempt to follow Pete Sampras at OKBet Tennis 2022, who won the US Open when he was 19, as the only youngsters to do so since the professional era started in 1968. On Sunday, the No. 3 seed will face No. 5 seed Casper Ruud of Norway in the final. On Monday, the victor of that match will rise to the top of the standings.

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