Cameron Norrie wants to play an aggressive style of tennis. As he enters the second week of the US OKBet Open 2022

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Cameron Norrie play an aggressive style of Tennis

At the US Open, Cameron Norrie will face Andrey Rublev in the fourth round, and he plans to bring the confidence he gained from his run at Wimbledon with him in OKBet Open 2022.

Before making it to the semi-finals at the All England Club earlier this summer Cameron Norrie, the British number one had lost in the third round of grand slam competition a total of five times prior to that tournament.

Cameron Norrie

Cameron Norrie it is obvious that having a higher seeding has helped, as Norrie, who is seeded seventh in New York, will not face a player with a higher ranking until the quarterfinals. Having played in the tournament before also provides an additional boost of confidence in OKBet Open 2022.

The 27-year-old player, who has not yet been defeated in a set and played his best match to this point against Holger Rune in the third round, said that “especially ticking that box to make it to the second week for the first time, that was huge for me.” Holger Rune is the player who the player believes he played his best match against in OKBet Open 2022..

“It was a major objective of mine to do well in grand slams and to advance far in grand slam competition, as well as to have these match-ups.

“I believe that being ranked where I am and being seeded where I am will be beneficial going into the competition. Because I didn’t win the points at Wimbledon, I probably would have had a higher seed in any case.

However, OKBet Open 2022 I think that it’s wonderful. I don’t think I played very well in the first couple of rounds leading up to these matches. I was able to feel a lot more relaxed (against Rune), and I kind of used that momentum from those matches to get through the challenging ones, where I didn’t really play well, to playing a lot better.”

There is little question that Rublev faces Cameron Norrie with her greatest task to date in OKBet Open 2022.. The Russian player has reached the quarterfinals of five different grand slams and has been a consistent top-10 player over the course of the past couple of years, despite the fact that he is now ranked just outside the top 10.

Both players have faced each other twice before, with Rublev claiming an easy victory in St. Petersburg in the year 2020 and Norrie prevailing in San Diego the previous year. He stated, “I think I’m going to have to be extremely proactive and be the one dictating the point as much as I can.” “I think I’m going to have to be the one defining the topic as much as I can.” “It’s obvious that there are going to be times, maybe a lot of times, when I’m going to have to defend myself, but at the same time, I’m going to have to be aggressive.”

Cameron Norrie

Rublev, who was a member of a band that performed covers of songs by One Direction and saw Harry Styles perform live in New York City on two separate occasions before to the event, anticipates that Cameron Norrie will make his life very challenging .

The 24-year-old competitor stated that it was “obviously going to be a tough match.” “Especially with regard to our most recent encounter, I was defeated by him.

Cameron Norrie

Because of the way he plays, you have no choice but to go for extra shots and to put yourself in more danger. If you take greater risks, you should expect to fail more often in OKBet US Open. He plays at an extremely low level and stretches out the rallies. He has pretty good movement. The rallies are going to be drawn out, and the competition is going to be intense. This is going to be a very rough and tumble competition in OKBet US Open 2022.

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