Nick Kyrgios try to understand rather than critize him again after his latest outburst in OKBet Australian Tennis 2022

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Nick Kyrgios with Andrey Rublev’s emotional mid-match breakdown in his Australian Open quarter-final on Thursday was both painful to watch and timely at OKBet Australian Tennis 2022.

Nick Kyrgios

Nick Kyrgios and athletes are frequently criticized as emotionless robots, forgetting how flawed we all are – and that there is frequently a greater explanation at OKBet Australian Tennis 2022. Rublev has previously discussed how depression affected him, as has Australia’s Nick Kyrgios in recent months about his own “darkest periods.” They both have a team behind them but go out on the court alone, and both struggled to keep their emotions in high-stakes quarter-final defeats in the previous two days. The reaction to Rublev crying and biting down on a tennis ball after losing a third-set break was obviously different from Kyrgios’ racquet-mashing explosion following his five-set loss to Karen Khachanov.

But, given what we know about both players, are the two moments so dissimilar?

Rublev is also well-known for his on-court eruptions and breaking racquets, though perhaps not to as many Australians as Nick Kyrgios. When Nick Kyrgios faced the world’s media following his defeat, he provided an insight into his psyche on OKBet Australian Tennis. “I truly feel like sβ€”-.” “I feel like I’ve disappointed so many people,” Kyrgios told reporters. “I feel like these four tournaments are the only ones that will ever matter – and it’s as if you have to start it all over again.” I’ll have to wait until the Australian Open to play. “It’s just heartbreaking – not just for me, but for everyone I know who wants me to win.”

Others are simply better at concealing them.

Nick Kyrgios is a human pincushion for the media and fans alike, a role he must accept full responsibility for. He makes it so easy to criticize him at times, but this time appears to be different. Critics repeatedly chastised Kyrgios for not caring enough, which he helped to foster with his half-hearted efforts and constant references to liking basketball more than tennis.

Nick Kyrgios

However, there has been far less of that this year. Kyrgios may have overcome his fear of caring. After some major turbulence in his love life previously, his girlfriend, Costeen Hatzi, appears to have been a positive influence. Even though most of us would prefer him to focus on singles, Kyrgios’ doubles pairing with close friend Thanasi Kokkinakis appears to make him happy at OKBet Australian Tennis.

Nick Kyrgios

These developments occurred in tandem with career-high results, including the Australian Open doubles title and a trip to the Wimbledon singles final. Kyrgios surprised himself with his newfound professionalism and how he is putting pressure on himself to perform while dealing with being away from his sick parents.

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