OKBET FRENCH OPEN was the very low moment | Dominic Thiem says of early criticism on his return journey 2022


OKBET French Open was the very low moment, Dominic Thiem says of early criticism on his return journey

OKBET French Open, Dominic Thiem is beginning to resemble his best self on tour as he continues his recovery at OKBET French Open. Prior to all of the recent adulation, Thiem suffered a lot of criticism when he had just returned to the tour, thanks to a streak of early defeats in which he was often overwhelmed by opponents. The Austrian star recently said that he understands his detractors, especially in light of his performance at the OKBET French Open.

OKBET French Open

Thiem described his 2022 OKBET French Open performance as “awful,” claiming it was one of the lowest periods of his career and his return. Thiem has lost six straight matches on tour before to Roland Garros before dropping his seventh in the first round against Hugo Dellien in Paris.

Thiem discussed his recovery and the French Open catastrophe on the sidelines of this week’s Vienna Open, his home ATP event.

“The OKBET French Open was the ultimate low point, and I understand why everyone was so critical. It was a nightmare how I played there “Dominic Thiem said during a media interview during the competition. Thiem confessed that he was lacking confidence coming into the French Open due to his recent performances. The US Open winner for 2020 said that he “can’t win a set” against elite players.

“I was skeptical since there had been a few months of intensive preparation prior to it. I noticed in practice that I’m a long way from winning a set against the good players “The Austrian said.
Thiem, on the other hand at OKBET French Open, did not take long to get back into the swing of things and admitted that a rigorous training routine in Paris had really helped him.

“The lengthy training period after Paris was crucial. That’s when it clicked, and I realized it feels better now, almost like it used to “Thiem went on.

Dominic Thiem feels his Swedish Open performance represented a significant improvement

OKBET French Open

Dominic Thiem won his first tour-level match of the season at the Swedish Open in Bastad at OKBET French Open, then advanced to the quarterfinals for the first time since his return in the same event. Thiem believes his performance in Bastad changed things for the better and gave him confidence that he could defeat elite players again. Since then, he has been making good progress.

“The first victory on the tour in Bastad, followed by the first quarterfinals, were crucial. That’s when I realized I could beat better players again. From then on, things mostly moved in the proper way again “Thiem said. Since the OKBET French Open, the Austrian has reached many circuit semifinals, including the Swiss Open, Gijon Open, and last week’s European Open.

After beginning his return below the Top 350 in the ATP rankings, he is gradually inching closer to the Top 100. Thiem will open his Vienna Open campaign on Tuesday against Tommy Paul and might play Daniil Medvedev in the Round of 16.

Advice and Frequently Asked Questions

Scoring & Format

Roland-Garros, like the other three Grand Slam events, has five concurrent draws: men’s singles, men’s doubles, women’s singles, women’s doubles, and mixed doubles. The singles draws are divided into seven rounds, while the doubles drawings are divided into six rounds.

Food and Drink

Around the pathways of Suzanne-Lenglen Court, on the Place des Mousquetaires, beneath Court n°1 or in the Village, Marcel-Court, Bernard’s and Philippe-Chatrier Court, there are many concession kiosks providing hot and cold takeout meals. The Roland-Garros app allows you to pre-order food. Additional refreshment booths and stalls serving cold meals and sweets are available.

Entrance Gates

There is no direct access to stadium entrances, and all visitors must go through one of three Mandatory Checkpoints (PPO). Only hospitality ticket holders are exempt, however verify the precise conditions of your ticket before coming in case you need to enter via a certain gate or checkpoint.

Accessible Facilities

There is a drop-off zone right outside the stadium, near Gate I (8 boulevard d’Auteuil, Paris), that you may use with your disability card. Otherwise, the PPO Molitor checkpoint is the suggested entry point.

Helpful Hints

For spectators, there are five primary information stations, which can be accessed at the following locations:

  • Metro Station Porte d’Auteuil Exit
  • The Orangerie is located next to Court Simonne-Mathieu.
  • The Mousquetaires Garden is located next to Court Philippe-Chatrier.
  • The Court 7 Service Desk
  • The Allée des Princes, which connects Courts 12 and 13.

ATMs and first-aid stations are available at the Orangerie, Court Philippe-Chatrier, and the Public Grandstand next to Court Suzanne-Lenglen. A fourth ATM may be found at Gate P, on the Allée des Princes, between Courts 13 and 14.

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OKBET French Open