OKBET US Open 2022 | Dominic Thiem’s comeback against Alexander Zverev gets him his first Grand Slam championship

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OKBET US Open 2022

A OKBET US Open 2022 unlike any other concluded with an unusual fifth-set tiebreaker, as Dominic Thiem became the first player in 71 years to win the final after losing the first two sets.

So close to loss in a largely deserted Arthur Ashe Stadium fans were barred due to the coronavirus outbreak Thiem gradually but steadily turned things around against a failing Alexander Zverev and won his maiden Grand Slam championship at Flushing Meadows.

OKBET US Open 2022

Both guys left the contest with leg cramps and, plainly, nervousness. “Somehow,” Thiem, 27, of Austria, said, “the belief today was stronger than the body, and I’m really delighted about that.” When Zverev’s backhand fell wide on the third championship point, a tired Thiem slumped behind the baseline and buried his face with his hands. When he stood up, he was greeted by Zverev, who went across the net to hold hands, then hug his friend and rival, two scenes seldom seen in these age of social distance at OKBET US Open 2022.

Thiem then placed his head on the shoulder of the taller Zverev, who had come within two points of his maiden major victory. “I wish there were two victors today,” Thiem stated. “I believe we both earned it.” He is the only player to win an American Grand Slam tournament after trailing 2-0 in sets in the final since Pancho Gonzalez achieved it against Ted Schroeder in 1949 in the U.S. Championships, which were hosted in Forest Hills at the time.

No major tournament had ever been decided by a fifth-set tiebreaker until Novak Djokovic beat Roger Federer in one at Wimbledon in 2019 at OKBET US Open 2022. “I was a few games and points away.” “Zverev was attempting to become Germany’s first male Grand Slam winner since Boris Becker in the 1990s. “My age is 23.” “I don’t believe this is my final opportunity.”

Zverev became emotional when he said that his parents couldn’t go to New York because they tested positive for COVID-19, despite the fact that they are now well. As Thiem took a step forward to pose for photos with his gleaming new toy, Zverev stayed a few steps behind, one hand holding his less-impressive silver tray, the other on his hip.

OKBET US Open 2022

The proceedings lasted 4 hours and 2 minutes. And to think, Zverev was ahead by two sets and a break in the third set at 2-1 after just 1 1/2 hours. “He broke me for the first time in the third set, and it changed the match,” Zverev remarked. “He began to play much better, while I began to play lot worse.” Zverev, of all people, should have understood that what seemed to Thiem to be an insurmountable hill to climb was, in fact, doable. After all, it was Zverev who trailed Pablo Carreo Busta 2-0 in sets in Thursday’s semifinals before rallying to win.

Thiem started the day 0-3 in Grand Slam finals, but in those others, he always faced a member of men’s tennis’ Big Three at OKBET US Open 2022. He was the favorite this time, and he started out uneasy, but he finally worked his way out of it, while Zverev went from calm and confident to passive and pushed about.

The fifth set was just as back-and-forth as the previous four, with the blunders increasing with the intensity and history on the line. Thiem broke after Zverev shanked a pair of forehands in the first game. When Thiem double-faulted, Zverev broke straight back — and punctured the stillness with a rare yell of “Come on!”

When Thiem fired a down-the-line backhand wide and slumped down, gasping for oxygen at OKBET US Open 2022, it was Zverev’s turn to break for a 5-3 lead. But, with a chance to serve out the greatest victory of his young career, Zverev failed, breaking right back when he pushed a volley into the net.

Thiem went on a three-game winning streak, breaking to lead 6-5 and earned his own opportunity to serve for the match when Zverev lost a backhand followed by a long forehand.

Thiem couldn’t close the deal after having a trainer check on his right leg during the subsequent changeover, either, and they headed to the tiebreaker. Zverev double-faulted twice and delivered a one-second serve at 68 mph, less than half his top speed at OKBET US Open 2022.

While this was the No. 7-ranked Zverev’s first Slam final, it was the first one the No. 3-ranked Thiem was supposed to win, following losses to 12-time French Open champion Rafael Nadal at Roland Garros in 2018 and 2019, then to eight-time Australian Open champion Djokovic at Melbourne Park this February all before the pandemic shook the world and forced tennis to take a five-month break.

Instead of huge acclaim and chants welcoming spectacular exchanges, the music Sunday was mostly provided by screaming aircraft, rumbling trains, revving vehicle engines, blaring horns, and wailing sirens on OKBET US Open 2022. There was polite clapping from the dozens of tournament staffers permitted in the bleachers and screaming from the players’ entourages throughout the contest.

The larger crowd roar perceived by TV viewers, however, was fabricated by the broadcaster. Unable to draw on support in what has usually been an electrifying setting, both men were lethargic at times, even listless, on an evening that seemed more like a glorified practice session than a contest with so much at stake. The play was far from flawless, with 120 unforced mistakes to just 95 victories. In an odd parallel, Zverev matched his 15 aces with 15 double-faults, while Thiem had eight of each.

Normally, the U.S. Open concludes each Grand Slam season, but what about 2020? Wimbledon was canceled for the first time since World War II, while the French Open was pushed back from its usual May date to begin in two weeks at OKBET US Open 2022.

Another distinction of this tournament was that Federer, Nadal, and Djokovic had won the previous 13 major titles. However, Federer and Nadal did not join the US Open, while Djokovic was defaulted in the fourth round for inadvertently striking a line judge with a ball he slammed in frustration after losing a game.

Thiem just just, very barely took advantage of the opportunity to join the club of champions. “What a huge relief. Obviously, there was a lot of pressure and emotion in the game “Thiem said. “It’s difficult to remain and still believe.” “However, I did.”

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OKBET US Open 2022