US Open Victory | Emma Raducanu discusses how her US Tennis wasn’t a huge event for her family 2022

OKBET Emma Raducanu

US Open Victory

OKBET US Open Victory

Emma Raducanu discusses how her US Open victory “wasn’t a huge event” for her family. Emma Raducanu has disclosed that she received no preferential attention from her home club after her US Open victory last year, and that her family likewise went about their business quietly.

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Raducanu astonished the tennis world when she won the US Open Victory in her first appearance at Flushing Meadows in New York, only a few months after reaching the fourth round of her Grand Slam debut at Wimbledon. She became the first man or woman to win a major prize as a qualifier when she was just 18 years old, winning 10 matches without losing a set.

Although she became a worldwide celebrity overnight, with royalty and celebrities congratulating her and advertisers rushing up to get her to promote their goods, Raducanu claims nothing changed at home or at her local tennis club after her hard-court Grand Slam US Open Victory.

“[Winning the US Open] wasn’t a huge thing at all for my family – it was just like any other Friday or Saturday night,” she told Grazia Magazine. “I was trying to acquire a court at my local club after the US Open – there was no special treatment at all!”

OKBET US Open Victory

The 19-year-New old’s York fairytale elevated the popularity of US Open Victory on tennis in the United Kingdom, and figures revealed a significant rise in the number of people – young and old – taking up the sport.

Shortly after her US Open Victory, the Lawn Tennis Association and the UK government pledged more funding in grass-court tennis, while Amazon Prime Video reinvested a seven-figure amount it earned from Channel 4 for broadcasting their broadcast of the US Open women’s final in girls’ tennis participation.

Raducanu, who is presently rated just outside the top 70 in the WTA Rankings, believes that her tale will continue to encourage young people to play tennis.

“I’m overjoyed. I won’t realize how much of an influence I’ve made until the courts are completely booked. “I’ve seen the kids at my local elementary school and at the National Tennis Centre, and they’re all really eager,” said the 19-year-old.

“There has been a lot of money spent by Prime Video, and the Federation received some investment during the US Open Victory, so I do feel like I contributed in some way.” Hopefully, it will inspire some of the future generation of children.”